John Massé (Creative Director/Partner)  co-founded Maslen Entertainment with producing partner Christopher Allen.  Since the company’s inception, the producing duo has created countless mega-hit commercials and characters for Skechers that can be seen in national and international commercial campaigns.  Massé created and designed children’s characters such as Bella Ballerina, Twinkle Toes, Punkie Rose, The Luminators, Hotlights, Hydee and the Hytops, and the popular Kewl Breeze, Z Strap and Elastika, gaining worldwide notoriety. In 2010, Massé saw his characters, Kewl Breeze, Z Strap and Elastika, make their television series debut in Zevo 3 on Nicktoons.  Massé is the creator and co-executive producer of this number one rated animated television series. On Comedy Central, Massé created and produced Shmitty, McFunkle and Stump gaining critical acclaim for his innovative approach to the animation style featured in the series.  He also wrote and produced the animated movie featuring Hydee and the Hytops and is co-producer of the soon to be released animated movie “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” featuring none other than Twinkle Toes.

With two decades of experience in the advertising world, John is an accomplished illustrator, designer, author and composer. With Massé Graphics, inc. he created and collaborated with major corporations such as Frito-Lay, Boeing, Caesars Palace and Intel to name a few. He has also worked with world-renowned theatrical directors, including Franco Dragone, on designing shows in Las Vegas, Belgium, Japan, Qatar and Macau. Maslen Entertainment’s animated commercials with Skechers enjoy airtime in seven languages in over a dozen countries. With multiple small screen properties in production and fifteen comic book titles in print, John sleeps four hours a night and loves it.